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P R E O R D E R  T O D A Y !

Releasing 1-21-25


Joanna's wealthy family aspires to Herod's inner circle, but when her father's esteemed position in the Sepphoris Sanhedrin is threatened, her family resorts to harboring a dark secret. As Joanna navigates the complexities of aristocratic life and an arranged marriage, she is caught between loyalty to her family and her own desires. When tragedy strikes, leading to a life-altering injury and a startling encounter with Herod's financial minister, Joanna must grapple with a new future--one that challenges her sense of duty and hope for love.

Years later, Joanna is forever changed when a rabbi comes preaching a new kingdom and healing the sick. Yet, she treads a perilous path between a court that mocks Jesus of Nazareth, a community of believers who views her with suspicion, and a husband who guards his own secrets. As pressure increases, Joanna must protect her allegiance to the Christ, whose message is as compelling as it is dangerous.

In this gripping narrative, rising author Heather Kaufman weaves a tale of faith, resilience, and love amid the danger of King Herod's court.

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