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The Story People

“Kaufman’s winsome main narrative following Ben is full of misunderstandings, high jinks, and lonely people who find one another despite the many obstacles that stand in the way. . . . Readers will enjoy this sweet tale of a unique bookstore and the patrons that love it.”

Publishers Weekly

“Kaufman’s writing is humorous and evocative. She creates characters that are charming and likeable. The Story People is part comedy, part fairy tale, and part romance. It is a reminder that each of us has our own story to tell. Once you pick it up, it is hard to put down.”

—Cynthia A. Graham, author, Beneath Still Waters, Behind Every Door, and Beulahs House of Prayer

“The story sweeps you away to a land between reality and the imagination, perfectly mingling [Kaufmans] superb storytelling skills with a strong message of encouragement for Christian life. I would recommend this book for anyone.”

—Sarah Baughman author of the Regency Silhouettes Series and A Flame in the Dark, deaconess, wife, and mom of four

Loving Isaac

“A charming and well-crafted tale of family, compassion, and acceptance.”

Kirkus Reviews 

“Absolutely loved this book. From the beginning, I was drawn into this fascinating story and couldn’t put it down! Heather masterfully reveals pieces of the puzzle as the tale unfolds—a story of a mother’s love, God’s guidance, and friends’ kindnesses. . . . In Hana, Isaac, and the other characters, we are blessed with the reminder that God never leaves us nor forsakes us.”

—Karen Sue Murdy, clinical exercise physiologist and motivational speaker

“A tender story of failure, forgiveness, and relationships all wrapped up in a mother’s love for her special needs son and a heavenly Father’s care for His precious children, both young and old.”

—Kim Marxhausen, educational psychologist and author

“In a gripping, soul-searching style, Kaufman shows deep sensitivity to the life of a special child and his mother. . . . In scenes that will stick in your memory, the author demonstrates the power of openness and forgiveness. . . . It is amazing how a Christian community can help heal the brokenness within us all.”

—David Ludwig, psychologist, co-author of Christian Concepts for Care

“Timely and relatable. You will feel the emotions of the characters as it sends a
strong message in a gentle way. Kaufman’s writing skills capture your attention and create a sense of actually being in the story! This narrative gives insight to real pain, deep hurt, and God’s amazing love that turns everything for our good and His glory. . . . A tender reminder of seeking God first and patiently coming alongside one another in love.”

—Kim E. Bestian, author of Blueprints for Children’s Ministry

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