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Faith and Fables

In this conversation with Meagan Robertson, we chat about the themes in Up from Dust, what compelled me to write the story, and the one thing I hope readers take away.

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The Writer's Desk


A Conversation with Tricia Goyer and Avid Readers of Christian Fiction


From one boring fact about me to my inspiration behind Up from Dust and the song that is my anthem, this interview was a blast!

Book Talk Interview

In this conversation with Cara Putman, we chat about writing, the joy that comes in getting a sentence just right, the challenge of not getting stuck in perfectionism, and more!

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More to Life Magazine

When You're Disappointed in God by Heather Kaufman

There’s a tension we feel between the goodness of God and the incredibly hard things He allows in our lives. Faith is living with that tension—holding it, acknowledging it, running hard to God with it.

Standout Stories Interview

A Conversation with Laura DeNooyer

From my reservations over writing biblical fiction to handling Jesus as a character to some favorite recommended resources, this was a thoughtful and enjoyable interview. 

ShepherdGraphic.jpeg Booklist

The best books featuring
imaginative backstories of people in the Bible

Browse my curated list, and discover why I love these five books!

Q & A with the Author

A behind-the-scenes chat with Family Fiction

Making her Bethany House publishing debut with Up from Dust, Kaufman reimagines the story of Martha of Bethany in the launch of her new Women of the Way Series. In each installment, Kaufman highlights a different influential woman of the Bible and the Savior who pinpointed their pain, met them in the middle of their mess, and lifted them up.


Q & A with the Author

Reading Is My Superpower Interview

Apples or Oranges? Coffee or Tea? Over or Under toilet paper? Don't miss this fun and quirky get-to-know-you interview!


KFUO Radio Interview

The Coffee Hour​ - Love for All People

Heather Kaufman, author of Loving Isaac available from Concordia Publishing House, joins Andy and Sarah to talk about being an author, telling an authentic story about loving someone with special needs, and why you should read her novel.

The Coffee Hour - Love for All People
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